All Together Now

There is a magic that occurs when people add their energy to a common purpose. When everyone gives their best energies to make a mission come to life, they can change the world. This happens when everyone sees themselves as a leader – as a person who will consistently contribute with excellence. But what does it mean to share leadership?

In this course, Dave Fleming, founder of The Ingenuity Lab explores the powerful concept of shared leadership and how you can implement it on your team and in your organization. We invite you to explore the mindsets and behaviors that allow people to work together in ways that make a difference on their teams, organizations, communities, and the world.

The Power of Shared Leadership
What is Shared Leadership?
A Deeper Look at Shared Leadership
Behaviors that Drive Shared Leadership Part One
Behaviors that Drive Shared Leadership Part Two
Applying it to Your Team and Organization
Go and Share the Leadership
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